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Ancient British Coins 

Hardcover. 243 pp. Richly illustrated in b/w. Chris Rudd. 2011.

Rudd, C., E., Cottam, P., de Jersey, J. Sills.

Never before have so many ancient British coins been so easy to identify, so easy to study, so easy to enjoy. Ancient British Coins catalogues 999 iron age coins, including 418 new types not shown by Van Arsdell in 1989. Ancient British Coins describes and dates them, gives up to six references for each, estimates their rarity and shows every coin twice actual size, so that its distinctive differences can be seen at a glance.

ABC took ten years to produce, has 256 fact-packed pages and contains 4000 superb coin photos, plus 500 other illustrations, diagrams, tables and maps.

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