A Matter of Life and Death at Mienakker (the Netherlands). Late Neolithic Behavioural Variability in a Dynamic Landscape.

Kleijne, J.P., O. Brinkkemper, R. C.G.M. Lauwerier, B.I. Smit, EmM. Theunissen. (eds).

Hardback, 306 pp. Richly illustrated. Nederlandse Archeologische Rapporten 045. Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed 2013.

This publication highlights the Mienakker site, excavated in 1990. Mienakkers had an advantage over otheras yet unanalysed Neolithic sites in the sense that many of the material categories had already been studied. Houseplans had been identified and the well-preserved human burial, known as 'Cees' was published in1991.

In this project all kind of specialists did closely work work together to reveal all the cultural/ ecological details and other data.
In summary, we can conclude that Mienakker may be interpreted as a site that was inhabited year-round, where a wide range of very diverse activities took place. It was inhabited and returned to for many years, Mienakker evolved from 'home' to become a place of parting and memory.
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