Medieval to Post-Medieval tenements and Middle Eastern Imports. Excavations at Plantation Place, City of London, 1997-2003.

Pitt, K., L. Blackmore, T. Dyson, R. Tyson.

Hardback. 140 pp. Richly illustrated. MoLAS Monograph series 66. Museum of London 2013.
Excavations at Plantation Place provided evidence for medieval and early post-medieval occupation of an entire block in the eastern part of the City of London near the Thames waterfront. Contemporary ground surfaces and buildings did not survive, but associated pits and wells have been related by documentary and cartographic research to identified tenements in this thriving area of shops, warehouses and merchants’ residences. Important assemblages from pits and wells include vessels used in refining gold, crucibles and moulds from bronze casting, and the largest assemblage of late medieval Islamic-style glass yet found in Britain, alongside Middle Eastern ceramics.
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