(Artikelnr: 9781907586149)

Lundenwic. Excavations in Middle Saxon London, 1987-2000.

Cowie, R., L. Blackmore, A. Davies, J. Kelly, K. Rielly.

Hardcover. 361 pp + CD-ROM. 187 bl/wh and col ills. MoLAS Monograph 63. Museum of London Archaeology 2012.

This monograph provides the first detailed overview of the archaeological evidence for the Middle Saxon trading port of Lundenwic, and presents the results of fieldwork at 18 locations on the site of the settlement. The evidence is contextualised in thematic essays on various aspects of the settlement including its origins and development, political and geographical setting, size and layout, food production and consumption, crafts and industry, trade and beliefs and superstition. The volume includes appendices on the artefacts and biological remains, data on a programme of radiocarbon dating designed to address questions about the development of Lundenwic, a gazetteer of sites and an historical timeline for the settlement and its hinterland.

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