Roman and medieval development south of Cheapside. excavations at Bow Bells House, City of London, 2005–6.

Howell, I., L. Blackmoor, C. Phillpotts, A. Thorp.

Paperback. 114 pp. 63 bl/wh and col ills. Archaeological Studies series 26. Museum of London Archaeology 2013.

Excavations on the south side of Cheapside found evidence for Roman timber buildings and pits dating to the later 1st and 2nd centuries AD, and a masonry building constructed after c AD 125. The main west–east road through Londinium lay immediately north of the site. Evidence for later Roman occupation was limited by modern truncation. No medieval ground surfaces survive, but the site was reoccupied from the 10th century with at least one substantial building existing by the 13th century. Pit and well groups include late 13th- or early 14th-century vessels associated 

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