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The Cisterian Abbey of St Mary Graces, East Smithfield, London. 

Grainger, I.,C. Phillpotts.

Hardcover. 206 pp. Illustrated in b/w. MoLAS Monography 44. Museum of London Archaeology Service 2011.

Founded in a time of war and pestilence by a renowned king, St Mary Graces, East Smithfield, was established in 1350 by Edward III on the site of a Black Death burial ground. This report presents the results of large-scale excavation in 1983–8 and post-excavation analysis of this, the last and relatively short-lived Cistercian house to be built in England before the Dissolution. The layout, architecture, history and people of the abbey are examined through the wealth of archaeological and documentary evidence uncovered. The work is of great importance to both medieval archaeology and Cistercian studies as well as being of interest to any student of the medieval period.
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