The Prehistory and Topography of Southwark and Lambeth.

Sidell, J., J. Cotton, L. Rayner, L. Wheeler.

Paperback.109 pp. 50 col and bl/wh ills. With French and German summaries. MoLAS Monograph 14. Museum of London 2002.

This book is the first concerted attempt to synthesise the available prehistoric and topographic information from the area of north Southwark and Lambeth, London, in the period c 9500 cal BC to c AD 50. The interplay between environmental and riverine change and human communities is considered within broad themes, covering ‘mobile communities’, ‘ritual riverscape’ and ‘settled communities’, and placing these within the wider regional context of the Thames Valley. Recent work is also included and the thematic text is supported by a gazetteer as well as specialist papers on the worked flint, pottery and radiocarbon determinations.
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