The Early Roman Empire in the West.

Blagg, T., M. Millet.

Paperback. 254 pp. Illustrated in b/w. Oxbow 2002.

Digital reprint of this important collection of papers which form the companion to 'Early Roman Empire in the East' (Oxbow 1997). Fourteen contributions examine the interaction of Roman and native peoples in the formative years of the Roman provinces in Italy, Gaul, Spain and Portugal, Germany and Britain.

- Introduction (
Thomas Blagg and Martin Millett)
- The creation of provincial landscape: the Roman impact on Cisalpine Gaul (Nicholas Purcell)
  Romanization: a point of view (Richard Reece)
- Romanization: historical issues and archaeological interpretation (Martin Millett)
- The romanization of Belgic Gaul (Colin Haselgrove)
- Lower Germany: proto-urban settlement developments and the integration of native society (J. H.     F. Bloemers)
- Relations between Roman occupation and the Limesvorland in the province of Germania Inferior   (Jurgen Kunow)
- Early Roman military installations and Ubian settlements in the Lower Rhine (Michael Gechter)
- Some observations on acculturation process at the edge of the Roman world (S. D. Trow)
- Processes in the development of the coastal communities of Hispania Citerior in the Republican   period (Simon Keay)
- Romanization and urban development in Lusitania (Jonathan Edmondson)
- Urban munificence and the growth of urban consciousness in Roman Spain (Nicola Mackie)
- First-century Roman houses in Gaul and Britain (T. F. C. Blagg)
- Towards an assessment of the economic and social consequences of the Roman conquest of       Gaul. (J.F. Drinkwater)
- The emergence of Romano-Celtic religion (Anthony King)
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