The Medieval Traveller

Norbert Ohler

Paperback. 296p with 41 illus. (Boydell 1989, new ed 2010).

This book makes an extensive examination of how and why people travelled in the period AD 500 to 1500. In the first part of the book Ohler looks at the background and conditions to travel - such as climate, land, river and sea journies, religious and trade trips, hospitality and inns, speed of travel etc. In the second part he gives contemporary descriptions of travel in the Middle Ages, including the voyages of the Norsemen and the Grettisaga, the pilgrim's journey to Santiago de Compostela, Marco Polo's expedition to Asia, and wandering scholars. The second edition contains a substantial (40 page) afterword, which surveys the twenty years research since the book's original publication, and contains new thoughts and evidence on many of the sections of the original book. `A fascinating survey of the sources that tell us about routes, inns, hazards, means of transport and the motives and preparations of people who were far more adventurous in their peregrinations than is often supposed' - History Today

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