New Worlds. The Great Voyages of Discovery 1400-1600. 

Fritze, R.H. 

Hardback with dust jacket. 284 pp. Richly illustrated. Sutton Publishing 2002. 

The period 1400-1600 was a great period of exploration, of dramatic change and excitement where new geographical and cultural horizons were reached. This book retells the story of European exploration and expansion, beginning with their biased and inaccurate knowledge of foreign parts, notably Africa and Asia, and the effects of voyages of discovery by people such as Henry the Navigator, Columbus, da Gama, Cabot and Drake, had on European society and the economy.

'Drawing on new research into Columbus, Drake, da Gama and Cabot, among others, this is an up-to-date survey of an intrinsically exciting and interesting period, while at the same time providing access to the latest scholarship'.

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