(Artikelnr: 9780199599714)

Peter Stewart

Paperback. 333p, 48 b/w illus (Oxford UP 2003, Pb 2011)

For a book reputed to be about Roman statues, you may think that the illustrations are rather sparse, but this study is more about representation than art per se. Based on his dissertation, Peter Stewart's book examines Roman statuary as a collective entity that had a significant role within society rather than viewing it merely as art and images of likeness. Focusing primarily on Rome from the end of the Late Republic to the early 3rd century AD, this book begins by emphasising the extent to which the Roman world, whether public, private or religious, was crowded with statuary. Although it is all too easy to make assumptions about ancient art through a modern pair of eyes, Stewart explores the language with which Roman discussed and described statuary, their expectations of what a statue should be, its function, its iconography and Roman reactions to it. This statue places Roman statuary firmly within a social and cultural, rather than artistic, context. 

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