Excavations at Mucking. Volume 3, The Anglo-Saxon cemeteries. Excavations by Tom and Margaret Jones.

Hirst, S., D. Clark.

Hardback.  836 pp + CD-ROM. 421 bl/wh and col ills (2-part set). Museum of London. Monograph Series. 2009.

Part i: Introduction, catalogues and specialist reports.
Part ii: Analysis and discussion.
The Anglo-Saxon cemeteries at Mucking, Essex, represent the burials of over 800 individuals from the 5th to early 7th centuries. This long-awaited report includes detailed illustrated catalogues in Part i, and comprehensive analysis and discussion of the burials and their context in Part ii. The large, mixed rite Cemetery II was completely excavated, while the partly destroyed Cemetery I included further significant inhumations. The quality and quantity of the evidence from the second quarter of the 5th century is unsurpassed. The dating is based on seriation analysis of the inhumation artefact assemblages and is combined with an innovative maximisation of demographic data from soil silhouettes

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