The Archaeology of Urban Landscapes: Explorations in Slumland

Mayne, A., T. Murray (eds)

Hardback. 192p, 58 b/w figs, pls and tbs (New Directions in Archaeology, Cambridge UP 2001). 

The topographical foci of this book are the working-class inner-city neighbourhoods which are regularly demonised or demolished in the cyclical process of urban renewal. The authors challenge the stereotype of urban excavations: that they produce rather mundane archaeological material - broken china, grog bottles, nails and building material - stuff which is useful only in so far as it serves to illustrate the major themes of historical inquiry.
Instead these papers argue that our urban "slumlands" are worthy of archaeological investigation in their own right, that they provide invaluable insight into the lives and identities of disadvantaged and often forgotten communities, and that they require specific methodologies and research agendas. These neighbourhoods were part and parcel of the process of urbanisation that transformed the cities of Britain and its settler-colonies from the 18th to the 20th centuries. As such, the case studies in this book come from some of the largest and most exciting cities in the modern era: London, New York, Cape Town, Sydney, Melbourne, and Quebec City.

1. Introduction Alan Mayne and Tim Murray;
Part I:
2. Slum journeys: ladies and London poverty 1860-1940 Ellen Ross;
3. Empty spaces: West Oakland, California Elaine-Maryse Solari;
4. Horstley Street, District Six Antonia Malan and Elizabeth van Heyningen;
5. New perspectives from Sydney's 'Rocks' district Grace Karskens;
6. Archaeology of Washington DC's alley life after the Civil War Barbara J. Little and Nancy            J. Kassner;

Part II:
7. The Sheffield Crofts, 1736-1836 Paul Belford;
8. Cultural space and worker identity in the company city Mary Beaudry and Stephen A.                Mrozowski;
9. High times, low times and tourist floods Reginald Auger and William Moss;
10. Values and identity in the working class worlds of late nineteenth-century Minneapolis              John P. McCarthy;
11. Imaginary landscapes Alan Mayne, Tim Murray, and Susan Lawrence;
12. New York city's five points Rebecca Yamin.


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