(Artikelnr: 9780752431222)
Colin Breen, C., W. Forsythe.

Paperback.191p, 14 col pls, 84 b/w figs. Oxbow. Tempus 2004.

Despite the fact that, like any island, ships and the sea have played a vital role in Ireland's economic, social and military history, its maritime heritage has only just begun to be investigated. The tantalising wrecks and other remains that have been discovered form the subject of this accessible and richly illustrated archaeological study which also makes full use of documentary sources and a treasure trove of old maps. Beginning with the Mesolithic and a discussion of the types of boats in which the earliest colonialists may have arrived, the authors trace developments in the design and technology of boats through prehistory and the Middle Ages ending with the regional variations of the early modern period. Supported throughout by site plans and illustrations of timbers, cargo, armaments and rigging, the book also considers the experiences of seamen around this hazardous coast, the wrecks of Viking and Armada vessels, river boats and the differences between mercantile and warships. Includes a glossary.
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