English Castles. A Guide by Counties.

A. Pettifer

Paperback. 384 pp. Illustrated in b/w. Boydell Press. 1995.

A well-written contribution to the literature on the subject, and will interest both the historically minded tourist and, as a reference book, the scholar. 
A comprehensive and concise guide to all medieval English castles of which something can still be seen today, ranging from the massive keeps which still dominate the landscape to grassy earthworks and Border pele towers, and spanning the centuries from the Norman Conquest to the accession of the Tudors.
English Castles contains over five hundred main entries in county order, each giving a brief history and description of the castle. A short introduction supplies the historical background to the explosion of castle-building in the middle ages, and there is a glossary covering all aspects of castles in some detail. There are also full Ordnance Survey map references. 
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