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Roman Alcester Vol 3: Northern Extramural Area, 1969-1988 Excavations

Paul Booth and Jeremy Evans

Paperback, 328p, 177 b/w figs, fiche (CBA Research Report 127, 2001)
ISBN: 9781902771229

Onderwerp: Romeinse archeologie
Omschrijving: in goede staat

The third Roman Alcester report focuses on the results of five excavations in the `northern suburbs' of the extramural area which lay to the south of Alcester, the largest and possibly the most important Roman settlement in Warwickshire which is also one of the most thoroughly excavated. The volume includes reports on ceramics and metal objects which were associated with the original military settlement and the development of the town in the early AD 60s. In addition, evidence was found for the first civilian structures which were built on top of early, regular and possibly military buildings. The volume concludes with an overview of the development of Alcester in the light of twenty years of excavation. Further finds reports and catalogues can be examined on the enclosed microfiche. 

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