Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference Sheffield 1996.

Karen Meadows, Chris Lemke and Jo Heron (eds.).

Paperback. 172p, 43 figs (Oxbow Books 1997. Publisher's price: 20,00.

Eighteen papers from the 1996 TRAC gathering. The contributions are: Theorising Roman Archaeology (J C Barrett); `Romanization'-`imperialism': What are we talking about? (P Freeman); Technologies of power in Roman Britain (C Forcey); The enemy without, the enemy within: more thoughts on the images (I Ferris); The role of African Red Slip ware vessel volume in Mediterranean demography (J W J Hawthorne); Samian: beyond dating (S Willis); Symbols, pottery and trade (P Rush); Native or Roman? Ironwork hoards in Roman Britain (A R J Hutcheson); Abandonment, rubbish disposal and `special' deposits at Newstead (S Clarke); The use of animal bone in the intepretation of the Iron Age to Roman cultural transition (J E Richardson); Human sacrifice in Roman Britain (R M J Isserlin); Elite settlements in the Roman and Sub-Roman period (D Petts); Settlement and the construction of ethnicity in Roman Sardinia (E Blake); Invisible peasants and consumer subcultures in north-west Britannia (K J Matthews); Aspects of Romanization in the Wroxeter hinterland (R White and M van Leusen); The use of water for social control in the Roman Empire (S P Ellis); Towards a theory of Roman urbanism: beyond economics and ideal-types (M Grahame); `Roman' urban form and culture difference (S Clarke and D J Robinson).
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