Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference Durham 1999.

Garrick Fincham, Geoff Harrison, Rene Rodgers Holland and Louise Revell. (eds).

Paperback. 160 pp. b/w illus. (oxbow books 2000). Publisher's price: £20,00.

Thirteen papers from the annual TRAC conference, now in its ninth year. With a range of subject matters, they reflect the diversity of research being carried out. 

The Creation of multiple identities in Roman Italica (Louise Revell)
Illuminating Roman Britain (Hella Eckhardt)
Finds assemblage at the Newstead Military Complex (Simon Clarke)
Romanisation, status and the landscape (Garrick Fincham)
Social organization within the Roman army (Andrew Pegler)
Tabernae economics (Ardle Mac Mahon)
Roman maritime activities around Britain (Michael Walsh)
Cattle, culture, status and soldiers in northern England (Sue Stallibrass)
Food, ritual and rubbish in the making of Pompeii (Marina Ciaraldi & Jane Richardson)
Wood, masonry and the construction of identity (Dominic James)
From periphery to core in the Late Antique Mauretania (Alan Rushworth)
Application of GIS to the study of settlement patterns: Silchester (Devon Tully)
Application of computer-based techniques to Iron Age and Roman settlement distribution in North-West Portugal

(Kris Strutt)



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