Proceedings of the 6th Meeting of the ICAZ Bird Working Group in Groningen (23.8 - 27.8.2008)

W. Prummel, J.T. Zeiler & D.C. Brinkhuizen (eds.)

Soft cover. 284 pp. Publisher: Barkhuis

This volume comprises the papers presented at the 6th Meeting of the ICAZ Bird Working Group, held in August 2008 in Groningen, the Netherlands. The subjects of the contributions range from New Zealand, South America and the Near East to Europe and vary in time from the Pleistocene up to the late 19th century. Themes discussed are the palaeozoogeography of birds, the role of birds in subsistence, ritual and symbolism, bird hunting techniques and histological studies of bird bones. The geographical, temporal and thematic variation underlines the importance of ornito-archaeozoology for all aspects of archaeology.
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