Clive Orton (ed.)

Paperback. 234p, b/w illus and CD with supporting data. Publisher's price € 48,00. (The Archaeology of Medieval Novgorod, UCL/Oxbow Books 2006).

Oxbow says:
Novgorod was a major medieval city and an important centre for trade routes between northern, central and western Europe and the Near East, and has been the subject of intensive investigation since the 1930s. This volume in a series devoted to the archaeology of medieval Novgorod, presents eleven studies of ceramic evidence in terms of chronology and technology, methodology of investigation, and international trade and contacts. The essays also reflect different approaches to studying ceramics by western and Russian scholars. Some of the subjects explored include hand-made and early wheel-turned pottery from the environs of Novgorod, Novgorod pottery from the 10th to 15th century, handling large urban pottery assemblages, pottery imported from the west and the east, amphorae from Novgorod and the wine trade.

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