Medieval Costume and How to Recreate

Hartley, D.

Paperback, 142p, many b/w illus (Dover 2003)

This unabridged republication of Dorothy Hartley's Medieval Costume and Life published in 1931 covers all manner of costume from the 12th to 15th century. Rather than a history of costume, her book classifies dress according to social type, from the ordinary peasant, to clerics and professionals, to the nobility and royalty.

Hartley's evidence, coupled with lots of drawings, diagrams and illustrations from tapestries and illuminated manuscripts, makes this an excellent guide for those recreating or re-enacting medieval life. From the harpist's robe, hunting costumes and the herdsman's cloak, to the apron wearers and children's clothes of the medieval period, this book helps you choose fabrics, cut and sew, wear and even store medieval costumes.

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