Roman bathing in Coriovallum. The Thermae of Heerlen revisited. NAR 065

K. Jeneson and W.K. Vos (eds)

Hardcover, 205 pp. 2020

This report presents the results of a major research project conducted at the Thermenmuseum in Heerlen between 2016 and 2019. The object of the study was the Roman public bathhouse in Coriovallum - now know as Heerlen - and its role and position in the Roman town. More than 2o archaeologists collaborated on the project.
The project has produced a wealth of new infromation, not only about the chronology, construction and use of the bathhouse over the centuries, but also about Coriovallum, a small provincial town in the province of Germania inferior, just a stone's throw from the border of the Roman Empire. It is now clear that the Roman bathouse played a key role in the life of Coriovallum for almost 400 years.
This scientific report is intended for archaeologists, as well as for other professionals and amateur enthousiasts involved in archaeology.
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