Recent Advances in Glass, Stained-Glass and Ceramic Conservation 2013.

Roemich, H., K. van Lookeren Campagne (eds).

Paperback. 364 pp. Richly illustrated. Spa Uitgevers 2013.

ICOM-CC Glass and Ceramics Working Group Interim Meeting and Forum of the International Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Stained Glass (Corpus Vitrearum-ICOMOS).

Cracks and Fractures 
Gerhard Eggert  - Peculiar Pictures – Wilhelm Geilmann and the Weathering of Gl

Katrin Wittstadt, Gabriele Maas–Diegeler, Paul Bellendorf, and Christiane Dirsch - A Special Kind of Crack Pattern on Historic Glass - Exploring the Causes of 'Sugaring'

Polytimi Loukopoulou and Antonia Moropoulou - Non-destructive Analysis of Altered Gold-leaf Glass Tesserae From the Mosaics of the Daphni Monastery, Greece

Bonding and Filling 
Kristel De Vis, Joost Caen, Koen Janssens, and Patric Jacobs - The Consolidation of Cracks and Fissures in Dalle de Verre: Assessment of Selected Adhesives 

N. Astrid R. van Giffen, Stephen P. Koob, and Robin O’Hern - New Developments for Casting Paraloid ™ B-72 for Filling Losses in Glass
Hanneke Ramakers - Paraloid ™ B-44: Studio Tests for the Reconstruction of a Tang Dynasty Model of a Horse

Karen Stamm, Gorazd Lemajič, and Lisa Pilosi - Vacuum-formed PVC Moulds for Casting Epoxy Resin Fills in Glass Objects    

Roosmarijn M.C. van Beemen, Ineke Joosten, Luc Megens, and Kate van Lookeren Campagne - Suitable Bonding Methods for the Conservation of Large Broken Plaster Casts of Ancient Sculptures    

Protection and Installation
Manfred Torge, Michael Bücker, and Ines Feldmann - The Effect of Climate and Particle Deposition on the Preservation of Historic Stained-Glass Windows - In Situ Measurements and Laboratory Experiments

Sophie Wolf, Stefan Trümpler, Karim Ghazi Wakili, Bruno Binder, and Ernst Baumann - Protective Glazing: The Conflict Between Energy-saving and Conservation Requirements
Gerri Strickler and Dante Vallance - An Innovative Mounting System for Stained-Glass Window Panels at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston    
Geertje Huisman - The Re-installation of Stained-Glass Windows in Interior Architectural Settings in the Low Countries − Selected Case Studies

Creation and Degradation
Sandro Baroni, Giulia Brun, and Paola Travaglio - Creation and Colouration of Stained-Glass Windows in Mediaeval Literary Sources: New Perspectives on Technical Treatises Dated Between the 12th and 16th Centuries

Sören Siebe, Rainer Drewello, and Markus Kleine - ‘Luce Floreo’, an Historic Technique for Creating Glass Windows
Lucien van Valen, Isabelle Garachon, and Loe Jacobs - On the Production and Firing of 7th Century Chinese Reinforced Ceramic Horses and Camels    

Kate van Lookeren Campagne  - 17th Century Dutch Tiles in the Tropics: the Importance of State and Trait on the Deterioration Process
Melissa Vandevijvere, Lien Van de Voorde, Joost Caen, Piet Van Espen, Bart Vekemans, Laszlo Vincze, and Olivier Schalm - Manufacturing Techniques and Production Defects of 16th - 17th Century Majolica Tiles from Antwerp (Belgium)
Daniela Cherneva - Richly Decorated Pottery from Apollonia Pontica (4th Century B.C.) – Technical Study, Damage Phenomena, and Approach to Conservation

Degradation and Treatment
Élisabeth Venault de Bourleuf, Claudine Loisel, Fanny Bauchau, Jessica Ferrand, Stéphanie Rossano, and Isabelle Pallot-Frossard - The Browning Phenomenon on Stained-Glass Windows: Characterisation of the Degradation Layer and Evaluation of Selected Treatments

Gert Nuyts, Simone Cagno, Jakub Jaroszewicz, Hilde Wouters, Kristel De Vis, Joost Caen, and Koen Janssens - High-resolution Desktop Microcomputed Tomography for the Evaluation of Reducing Treatments on Historical Glass Suffering From Manganese Browning
Bruno Pouliot, Lauren Fair, and Richard Wolbers - Re-thinking the Approach: Techniques Explored at Winterthur for the Stain Reduction of Ceramics

Kusi Colonna-Preti and Peter Eeckhout - The Bacteriological Contamination of Archaeological Ceramics: an Example from Pachacamac (Peru)
Rutger Morelissen - Public Art – Developing a Roadmap for Management and Conservation
Examination and Analysis
Joost Caen, Simone Cagno, and Koen Janssens - The Stained-Glass Panel Depicting The Anointing at Bethany – Art Historical Research, Technical Analysis, and Treatment    

Márcia Vilarigues, Bruno Martinho, Cristina Gomes, Maria Filomena Macedo, and Márcia Vilarigues - The Stained-Glass Collection of King Ferdinand II of Portugal: Concept, Conservation, and Chemical Analysis of Two Panels    
Helena Wouters, Aletta Rambaut, Gaia Ligovich, Quentin Lemasson, Claudine Loisel, Hana Novakova, Stijn Van Malderen, Andrei Izmer, and Frank Vanhaecke - Stained-Glass Windows of St Jacobs Church, Antwerp, Belgium: An Interdisciplinary Investigation        

Lauren Fair and Jennifer Mass - Polychrome Decoration on Staffordshire Figures: Identification of a New Enamel Colourant and Underglaze Oxide
Andrea Fischer and Gerhard Eggert - Does Lead Enamel Corrode Metal? Evidence From the Examination of 18th Century Snuff Boxes
Bodill Lamain, Maarten van Bommel, Guus Verhaar, and Norman Tennent - The Development of an Ion Chromatography Protocol for Detecting the Early Stages of Glass Degradation
 Extended Abstracts of Poster Presentations

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