(Artikelnr: 9788498283020)

Ancient Nets and Fishing Gear.

Bekker-Nielsen, T., D. Bernal Casasola.

Hard cover, 442 pp. Illustrated in b/w. Monographs of the Sagena Project 2. Aarhus University Press 2010.

The fishing technology of the Classical world has so far received little systematic attention, neither from historians nor from archaeologists. In this volume, the reader will find a series of studies offering a wide range of approaches to the topic of ancient fishing technology, based on detailed studies of the available literary, archaeological, pictorial and icthyological evidence as well as on diachronic comparisons with fishing techniques of the Early Medieval and Modern periods. The articles included in the present volume are based on the authors' presentations at an international, interdisciplinary workshop in Cádiz, covering the history of fishing from Pre-history to the present day, with a special emphasis on the Roman period.
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