(Artikelnr: ISBN-9789077922118)

Digitale zadenatlas van Nederland / Digital Seed Atlas of the Netherlands 

Cappers, R.T., R.M. Bekker, J.E.A.J. Jens

Hardcover / Harde kaft. pp.502, illustraties in kleur / illustrations in colour. Groningen Archaeological Studies 4 . Barkhuis 2006.

With over 4000 colour photographs, this atlas represents 1828 taxa and includes the wild plants of the Netherlands, the adventitious plants and the cultivated plants that have gone wild. The seed atlas presents a unique picture of the variation and the characteristics of the seeds and fruits of the Dutch flora, and is designed to be a tool to identify seeds and fruits. Because the seeds and fruits of many plants have clearly visible diagnostic characteristics, the seed atlas can also be used to identify seed-bearing plants via their ripe seeds and fruits. The photographs in the book are arranged in accordance with the fully revised 23rd edition of ‘Heukels Flora van Nederland', following new insights of phylogenetic classification of the angiosperms (APG II). The introduction is in both English and Dutch, and at the back of the book are indexes of both the Dutch and the scientific plant names. The seed atlas will be of use to ecologists, plant taxonomists, palaeobotanists and amateur florists in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Purchase of the atlas gives you the right to access the website, which is managed by the Library of the University of Groningen. 
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