Robert Hunter (ed.)

Paperback. 292p, col pls (Chipstone Foundation 2001). Publishers' price € 45,00.
Richly illustrated.

The first volume in a new annual series of publications looking at the role of historical ceramics in an American context. This interdisciplinary journal is geared towards collectors, curators and those historians and archaeologists working with post-medieval and early modern ceramics. This volume includes nine main papers, eleven studies outlining new discoveries, as well as a series of Book Reviews. Robert Hunter: Introduction, Ivor Noël Hume: Pot sherds and pragmatism: One Collector's Perspective, Ann Smart Martin: Magical, Mythycal, Practical, and Sublime: The Meanings and uses of Ceramics in America, Beverly Straube: European Ceramics in the New World: The Jamestown exemple, David Barber: "The Usual Classes of Useful Articles": Staffordshire Ceramics Reconsidered, Michelle Erickson and Robert Hunter: Dots, Dashes, and Squiggles: Early English Slipware Technology, Don Carpentier and Jonathan Rickard: Slip Decoration in the Age of Industrialization, George L. Miller and Robert Hunter: How Creamware Got The Blues: The Origins of China Glaze and Pearlware, Dianna and J. Garrison: American Queensware- The Louisville Experience, 1829-1837, Troy D. Chappell: An Adventure with early English Pottery, Merry Abbit Outlaw: New Discoveries Introduction, Crarlotte Wilcoxen: Journey of Discovery: A Retrospective, Jacqueline Pearce and Beverly Straube: The Double Dish Dilemma, Margaret K. Hofer: A Rediscovery atThe New-York Historical Society, Taft Kiser: Seventeeth-Century Donyatt Pottery in the Chesapeake, Robert Hunter and George L. Miller: Allin the Family: A Staffordshire Soup Plate and the American Market, Carl Steen: Industrial Pottery in the Old Edgefield District, Mark M. Newell: A Spectacular Find at the Joseph Gregory Baynham Pottery Site, Catherine Banks: Enoch Wood Ceramics Excavated in Burslam Stoke- on- Trent, Joyce Geary Volk: And the Find!, Richard Hunter: Eighteenth- Century Stoneware Kiln of William Richards Found on the Lamberton Waterfront Trenton New Jersey.

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