The Art of the Book. Its Place in Medieval Worship.

Margaret M. Manion, Bernard J. Muir (eds.).

Hardcover 337 p (Exeter UP 1998).

Essays on books designed for both public and private worship, with the focus on illustrations and illuminations, and also emphasising aspects such as patronage and the relation between patron and producer, and the role of music in manuscripts. Contents: The early insular prayer book tradition and the development of the book of hours (Bernard J. Muir); Women, art and devotion: three French fourteenth-century royal prayer books (Margaret M. Manion); Books for a Dominican nun's choir: illuminated liturgical manscripts at Saint-Louis de Poissy, c.1330-1350 (Joan Naughton); The illustrated office of the Passion in Italian books of hours (Bronwyn C. Stocks); An unusual image of the Assumption in a fourteenth-century Dominican choir-book (Margaret M. Manion).
Introduction, Margaret M Manion; The Early Insular Prayerbook Tradition and the Development of the Book of Hours, Bernard J. Muir; Women, Art and Devotion: Three French Fourteenth-Century Royal Prayerbooks, Margaret M Manion; Books for a Dominican Nuns' Choir: Illustrated Liturgical Manuscripts at Saint-Louis de Poissy, c.1300-50, Joan Naughton (Research Fellow, Department of Fine Arts, University of Melbourne); The Illustrated Office of the Passion in Italian Books of Hours, Bronwyn C. Stocks (Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts, University of Melbourne); An Unusual Image of the Assumption in a Fourteenth-Century Dominican Choirbook, Margaret M Manion; The Dominican Liturgy of the Assumption: Texts and Music for the Divine Office, John Stinson (Senior Lecturer in Musicology, La Trobe University); A Centre for Devotional and Liturgical Manuscript Illumination in Fifteenth-Century Besancon, Vera F. Vines (Research Associate, Department of Fine Arts, University of Melbourne); The Master of Jacques de Besancon and a Fifteenth-Century Parisian Missal, Hilary Maddocks (Lecturer, Department of Fine Arts, La Trobe University); Marginalised Jewels: The Depiction of Jewellery in the Borders of Flemish Devotional Manuscripts, Kate Challis (Doctoral candidate, Department of Fine Arts, University of Melbourne); Devotional Objects in Book Format: Diptychs in the Collection of Margaret of Austria and her Family, Dagmar Eichberger (Senior Research Fellow in Medieval and Netherlandish Art History, University of Saarlandes, Saarbrücken)

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