Bryony Coles (ed).

Paperback 168 p, b/w illus. (Oxbow books 2006)

The Journal of Wetland Archaeology is the journal of the Wetland Archaeology Research Project (WARP).The journal covers all fields of wetland archaeology, from methodology to synthesis and theory and all periods and geographic regions are covered. (Oxbow Books 2008)

The formation of Tells in the Lower Danube Wetlands in the Late Neolithic (Dragos Gheorghiu)
The dendrochronological dating of timber crossings in West Jutland, Denmark (Aoife Daly)
Outcome Determines Treatment - an Approach to the treatment of waterlogged wood (David Grattan, Malcolm Bilz, Tara Grant and Judith Logan)
Peatland archaeology in Northern Ireland: an evaluation (Gill Plunkett and Claire Foley)
Where are the non-human bog bodies? (David M. Wilkinson, Hannah J. O'Regan and Tom Clare)
Spectral Induced polarisation - a geophysical method for archaeological prospection in peatlands (Andreas Weller, Sven Nordsiek and Andreas Bauerochse)
The Wooden artefacts of the Bronze Age lakeshore dwellings of Ledro belonging to Italian museum collections (Gemma Coccolini)
Landscapes of failure: the archaeology of flooded wetlands in south and east England ( Mark Gardiner and Barrie Hartwell)
Book reviews (edited by Stephen Rippon)

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