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Food and drink in Archaeology 3. University of Nottingham Postgraduate Conference 2009.

Collard, D., J. Morris, E. Perego (eds).

Paperback with flaps, 152 pp. Illustrated in b/w. Prospect Books 2012.

The papers given at this conference range over many historic and prehistoric periods as well as continents and regions. Great strides have been made in recent decades in the various forms of botanical and physical analysis of archaeological finds which have enabled students to gain greater insight into diet and cooking technologies than was possible when all they had to go on was the survival of artefacts. These papers emanate from the cutting edge of archaeological research, among the postgraduates who will one day make up the teaching force of the world’s universities.  

The subjects covered in this year’s proceedings include: 
Psychoactive consumption in Cypriot Bronze Age mortuary ritual
Food consumption and ritual at the Early Iron Age tholos cemetery of
Moni Odigitria, south-central Greece
Elite ideology and feasting practices in Early Iron Age Greece
Intoxicating drinks and drunkards appearing in ancient Indian art and literature
Sixteenth-century polemics about cold-drinking
Living and eating in coastal southern Brazil during prehistory: a review
The deceased as metaphorical food in Iron Age Veneto (Italy).
Food diversity in Mesolithic Scotland
Ritualized feasting-goods from Norwegian graves
Feasting and the state in Uruk Mesopotamia
Prehistoric spoons: eating, drinking or holding 
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