British Working Dress 
Occupational Clothing 1750-1950 

Shrimpton, J. 

Paperback. 64 pp. Very richly illustated. Shire 2012 

This book explains the history of British occupational c.1750-1950 - a period that saw the decline of many traditional forms of employment, the emergence of new jobs and the reorganisation of various roles to meet the changing demands of the workplace and wider society.

Dress is a potent expression of human existence and the diverse occupational gear worn over reflects vividly the daily working lives of past generations. Drawing on historical material and new internet resources, this guide demonstrates the adaptation of regular clothes for manual tasks, development of civilian uniforms and evolution of protective garments. Including the dress of agricultural labourer, fisher folk, domestic servants, miners, mill workers and more, it should be of particular interest to family historians researching
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