The Ringlemere Cup. Precious Cups and the Beginning of the Channel Bronze Age.

Needham, S., K. Parfitt, Varndell, G. (eds).

Paperback. 176 pp. Rijk geíllustreerd. The British Museum Press 2006.

Precious Cups and the beginning of the Channel Bronze Age.
With contributions of:
A. Birchenough, C. Butler, C. Cartwright, S. Needham, S. La Niece, K. Parfitt,
G. Varndell.

Background and Survey Work.
Excavations 2002-2005
The Gold Cup.
Other Prehistoric Material.
Ringlemere and Ritual and Burial Landscapes of Kent.
Precious cups of the Early Bronze Age.
Precious Cups: Concept, Context and Custodianship, 
Networks of Contact and Meaning: the Beginning of the Channel Bronze Age.
Catalogue of the Early Bronze Age Precious Cups in North-West Europe.
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