Textiles in Southwestern Prehistory.

Teague, L.S.

Hardback. 210 pp. Geïllustreerd. University of New Mexico Press 1988.

Prehistoric textiles can be used to solve archaeological mysteries. This book examines the ways in which textiles can be interpreted to help archaeologists understand the lives of prehistoric peoples in the Greater Southwest (New Mexico, Arizona and northern Mexico).
The author surveys the mineral, animal and plant fibers used in the region's archaeological textiles, explains the techniques of prehistoric yarn production, and accounts for textile structures, weaving technologies, the use of colour, ornament and pattern.

After examining the economic and social context of textile production and distribution, she shows how the study of textiles can aid in the understanding of specific areas and issues. For exemple, textile evidence can shed light onthe development of agriculture and the question of Mesoamerican ingfluence on Southwestern cultural traditions.
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