TRAC 2012. Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Frankfurt 2012.

Bokern, A., M. Bolder-Boos,  S. Krmnicek, D. Maschek, S.Page  (Eds).

Paperback. 220 pp. Illustrated. Oxbow 2013.

The twenty-second Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (TRAC) was held at the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main in spring 2012. During the three-day conference fifty papers were delivered, discussing issues from a wide range of geographical regions of the Roman Empire, and applying various theoretical and methodological approaches. An equally wide selection of subjects was presented: sessions looked at Greek art and philhellenism in the Roman world, the validity of the concept of ‘Romanisation’, change and continuity in Roman religion, urban neighbourhood relations in Pompeii and Ostia, the transformation of objects in and from the Roman world, frontier markets and Roman archaeology in the Provinces. In addition, two general sessions covered single topics such as the ‘transvestite of Catterick’, metal recycling or Egyptian funeral practice in the Roman period. This volume contains a selection of papers from all these sessions.

Marks of Imitation or Signs of Originality? An Approach to Structural Supports in Roman Marble Statuary (Anna Anguissola)
Equites and Senators as Agents of Change: Urban Culture and Elite Self-Representation in Thamugadi and Lepcis Magna (Second–third Centuries A.D.) (Lennart Gilhaus)
Sacra Volsiniensia. Civic Religion in Volsinii after the Roman Conquest (Annalisa Calapà)
The Internal Frontier: An African Model for Culture Change in South Central Italy (Fourth-third Centuries B.C.) (Roman Roth)
Street Activity, Dwellings and Wall Inscriptions in Ancient Pompeii: A Holistic Study of Neighbourhood Relations (Eeva-Maria Viitanen, Laura Nissinen and Kalle Korhonen)
Understanding Neighbourhood Relations Through Shared Structures: Reappraising the Value of Insula-Based Studies (Heini Ynnilä)
Secondary Doors in Entranceways at Pompeii: Reconsidering Access and the ‘View from the Street’ (Evan Proudfoot)
The Perception of Egypt in Networks of Being and Becoming: A Thing Theory Approach to Egyptianising Objects in Roman Domestic Contexts (Eva M. Mol)
Hybrid Bridges: An Exploration Into How Traditionally ‘Romanised’ Elements Of The Town Interacted With Meaning-Laden Pre-Historic Waterscapes. (Jay Ingate)
Romanisation in Gaul: New Methodological Approaches for the Study of Gaulish Fine Wares (200 B.C.–A.D.50) (Sylvie Barrier)
Transgendered Archaeology: The Galli and The Catterick Transvestite (Renato Pinto and Luciano C. G. Pinto)
Ritual Landscapes of Pre-Roman Britain: The Margins of Practice on the Margins of the Empire (Nicky Garland.
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