John Baker's late 17th century glasshouse at Vauxhall

Tyler, K., H. Willmott.

Paperback. 86p, 38 col and 41 b/w illus, 7 tabs. British Museum. MoLAS Monograph 28. 2005.

John Bakers Thameside glasshouse in Vauxhall is the first of Londons 17th-century glasshouses to be excavated. This publication describes the finds from the site, demonstrates how Vauxhall competed with Londons other glasshouses and discusses Londons late 17th-century glass industry.

The glasshouse opened sometime between 1663 and 1681, and had closed by 1704. Excavations in 1989 found a furnace, crucibles, tools, working waste and finished vessels. Vauxhall was operating when lead crystal was first being made in England but it produced vessels for a proven market: wine bottles, green-glass vessels and fine wares. The remains of a well-preserved 17th-century bargehouse were also recorded at the site.

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