Stijn Arnoldussen and Harry Fokkens (eds)

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The Low Countries around the deltas of the river Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt have a long tradition in large scale archaeological research. This book brings together research from thirteen of the largest Bronze Age settlements described by their original excavators. These contributions are preceded by two introductory chapters written by the editors, providing a full overview of the state of Dutch Bronze Age settlement research, the key sites and the explanatory models current within it. Standards have been developed for the analysis of Bronze Age house plans and settlement sites and new models for the reading of the settled landscape. The rich data of the Low Countries also incorporate burial areas and deposition places. The findings presented can be seen to reflect the situation over a large area of lands bordering the North Sea.

Preface; Towards new models (Harry Fokkens and Stijn Arnoldussen)
Bronze Age settlement sites in the Low Countires: An overview (Stijn Arnoldussen and Harry Fokkens)
Bronze Age houses and barrows in the Low Countries (Quentin Bourgeois and David Fontijn)
Bronze Age settlements in Drenthe (Piet Kooi)
Bronze Age occupation on coversand ridges of the Looerenk near Zutphen (Jeroen Bouwmeester)
The Middle Bronze Age farmstead from Rhede (North Rhine - Westphalia, Germany) (Stephan Deiters)
Rhenen-Remmerden revisited: some comments regarding site structure and the visibility of Bronze Age house plans (Leon G L van Hoof and Lucas Meurkens)
Living at Eigenblok. A Bronze Age settlement in the Dutch river area (Peter Jongste)
The Bronze Age cultural landscape at Zijderveld (Sebastiaan Knippenberg)
Bronze Age settlements in Tiel-Medel (Janneke B Hielkema and Tom Hamburg)
The Bronze Age cultural landscape of De Bogen (Bernard Meijlink)
Marking while taking land into use: some indications for long-term traditions within the Oer-IJ estuarine region (Linda L Therkon)
The Early Bronze Age farmstead of Noordwijk (Henk M van der Velde)
Bronze Age neighbours: occupation of three parallel coversand ridges near Breda (Ria Berkvens)
The living and the dead: A Bronze Age barrow and farmyard from Weelde (Rica Annaert)
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