From Marius to Commodus, 112 BC - AD 192.

Raffaele D'Amato, Graham Sumner

Hardback. Roman Military Dress. 290p col illus (Frontline Books 2009).

This fascinating and beautifully presented book presents a very different view of Roman arms and armour from the one that we might get from Hollywood depictions, or even many other history books. Raffaele D'Amato is inclined to take the literary and artistic sources largely at face value when they describe and depict arms and armour, arguing that they were essentially realist in their aims. This gives a far more diverse picture of Roman military equipment, one that never saw a completely standard issue set of kit, and which saw soldiers with differing equipment fighting alongside each other. Also emphasised is the extent to which equipment was individually adapted by soldiers, and on a wider level adapted in line with environmental challenges, with textiles given more prominence than is perhaps customary, in line with Graham Sumner, the illustrator here's recent work.
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