Wally Davey and Helen Walker

Paperback. 198p b/w figs (Medieval Pottery Research Group Occasional Paper 3, 2009).

This report examines four groups of Metropolitan slipware production with the aim of characterising the products and enabling Harlow Metropolitan slipware found at consumer sites to be more closely examined. The other products of the Harlow industries are covered in more summary form, including the evidence for a medieval industry, a typology of the 15th-16th century transitional wares and a typology of the black-glazed wares. A discrete group of plain redwares is also examined. There are also sections on technology and how the industry was organised. A large body of documentary evidence for the Harlow potters has been uncovered, and has shed light on various aspects of the study, from sourcing the raw materials to marketing the finished product. The report also includes scientific analyses of fabric and glaze.
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