Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference.

Alison Moore, Geoff Taylor, Emily Harris, Peter Girdwoo (eds).

Paperback. 152p (Oxbow Books 2010).

This volume was derived from the nineteenth annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, which took place at the University of Michigan (3-5 April 2009) and the University of Southampton (17-18 April 2009).
Table of Contents,
Romanization: A feminist critique (Louise Revell)
Growing and felling? Theory and evidence related to the application of silvicultural systems in the Roman period (Ronald M. Visser)
No place like stone? Assessing social and material networks of place at quarries in Roman Anatolia (Bradley M. Sekedat)
The Herculaneum Amazon: Sculptural polychromy, digital simulation and context (Gareth Beale and Graeme Earl)
GIS and artefact distribution: A case study on regional cooking wares in northern Gaul (Annick Lepot)
The advantages and limitations of coring survey: An initial assessment of the Poggio Colla Coring Project (Ivo van der Graaff, Robert Vander Poppen and Thijs Nales)
Performativity of place: Movement and water in second century A.D. Ephesus (Cecelia Feldman Weiss)
Horti in the city of Rome: Emulation and transcendence in the late Republic and early Empire (Simon Wood)
Did cadastres exist in the Roman northwest? (Rick Bonnie)
Age and identity in funerary contexts: The elderly in southern Roman Britain (Alison Moore)
Beyond the warlike Samnites: Rethinking grave goods, gender relations and social practice in ancient Samnium (Italy) (Rafael Scopacasa)
Collapse, change or continuity? Exploring the three Cs in sub-Roman Baldock (Keith J. Fitzpatrick-Matthews)
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