Old and New Worlds 

 Egon, G., R. Michael (eds) 

Hardback. 396p with illus Oxbow Books 1999  

Even before the Mayflower sailed across the Atlantic in 1620, the material and cultural lives of the 'Old' and 'New' worlds were inextricably linked. This book reflects the techniques which archaeologists have used over the last 30 years to try and unravel, from a mass of material evidence, the lives of early Americans, and their English contemporaries.

This book discusses the unique methodologies which historical archaeologists (in both Britain and the US) have developed to study early modern and industrial societies and new theoretical approaches focusing on ethnicity and domestic space, and new practical techniques using environmental as well as artifactual evidence.
  • The book contains forty two essays arranged thematically.
  • Five are concerned with the use and interpretation of evidence;
  • Thirteen describe settlements and their communities on both sides of the Atlantic;
  • Four are on nautical and military operations;
  • Thirteen are concerned with artefacts and pottery and their manufacture and distribution;
  • Seven use environmental evidence to throw new light on the human populations, and the plant and animal worlds of the time.
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