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Journal of Roman military equipment studies 5 1994 
Proceedings of the ninth International Roman Military Equipment Conference, Leiden 1994 

Driel-Murray van, C. (ed) 

Paperback. 258 pp. Illustrated in b/w. Oxbow 1996 

The Ninth Roman Military Equipment Conference was one of the more ambitious of the series incorporating, for the first time, research on weaponry beyond the Roman frontier. The theme deliberately provoked discussion about the significance of the context of finds. Why do we find particular objects in certain types of contexts? Should complete finds be regarded as representative or abnormal? Are pit contexts really suggestive of refuse disposal?
Many of these essays review traditonal answers to such questions.

  • L'equipement militaire d'epoque republicaine en Gaule (Michel Feugere),
  • Some observations on Roman militaria of ivory (Claus von Carnap-Bornheim),
  • Dekorierte Gladii und Cingula: Eine ikonographische Statistik (Ernst Kunzl),
  • Romische Dolche - Bemerkungen zu den Fundumstanden (A. Thiel and W. Zanier), Waffen und Ausrustungsteile aus dem Holz-Erde-Lager von Iz!a (Jan Rajtar),
  • Late Roman helmet fragments from Richborough (Malcolm Lyne),
  • The Newstead pits (S. Clarke and R. Jones),
  • Roman cavalry helmets in ritual hoards from the Kops Plateau at Nijmegen (H.L.H. van Enckevort and W.J.H. Willelms),
  • Les armes romaines de la Saone:etat des decouvertes et donnees recentes de fouilles (L. Bonnamour and A. Dumont),
  • Fruhkaiserzeitliche Militaria aus einem Altrheinarm bei Xanten-Wardt (Hans-Joachim Schalles),
  • Romische Schwerter im Gebiet des europaischen Barbaricum (Marcin Biborski),
  • Waffen im mitteleuropaischen Barbaricum (Michael Erdrich),
  • Military equipment on the territory of Slovakia (E. Krekovic!),
  • The Roman swords from Danish bog finds (Ulla Rald),
  • The re-use of Roman military equipment in barbarian contexts (Katarzyna Czarnecka).
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