Netherlandish Fashion in the Seventeenth Century 
Riggisberger Berichte 19 

Pietsch, J., A. Jolly (eds) 

Paperback. 186 pp. Illustrated. Abegg-Stiftung 2012 

During the seventeenth century the Netherlands were the model for many other countries in regard to art and culture. This includes the rich Dutch and Flemish bourgeois fashions, which expressed both pride and wealth of these upcoming states. The papers assembled in this book are the result of a colloquium, which took place at the Abegg-Stiftung in 2008.

Dress and Textiles in the Netherlands 
  • Features of fashion
  • Dress in Adriaen van de Venne's album of 1626
  • Clothing in Antwerp Archives
  • Kaffa and Ditch Fashion
  • The trade and production of lace
Fashion with connections to the Netherlands in other European Countries
  • Men's fashion circa 1660
  • Three Multilayaered Ruffs in the Historisches Museum Basel
  • A netherlandish Contribution to Seventeenth-Century Danish Fashions
  • Going Dutch:How far did Charles II's Exile in the Netherlands Shape His Wardrope, 1646-1666?
  • Mary Stuart, Princess of Orange and queen of England
Ways of transferring Fashions and Cultural ideas
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