DuBois, M.S.

Hardcover with dustjacket. 630 pp. Illustrated in b/w. Lulu Enterprises 2015 

A new collection of the histories of the Roman Legions.
The author begins by narrating all that is known about the legions of Caesars army. He uniquely organizes this using only the accounts in Caesars tales of his wars in Gaul, North Africa and in Appian's accounts of the Civil War. He follows the history of each legion as it is narrated, resisting the all too common impulse to fill in the narrative with the authors or historians supposition of the legions activities.
Then he moves on to the more famous legions under the emperors. Again, he attempts to focus the narrative only on accounts of the ancients themselves, inscriptions from around the empire, and the best and most currant archaeological insights. In this case however it IS necessary to speculate on the activities of the units toward the end of the Roman period, when the structures and traditions of the past centuries were collapsing.
The first volume deals with Caesars legions and the Imperial legions numbered 1 through 5.
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