(Artikelnr: 9789057991981)

The Mesolithic cemetery at Mariënberg (NL), A rebuttal to alternative interpretations.

Verlinde, A.D., R.R. Newell.

Paperback. 58 pp. Richly illustrated. NAR 042. RCE 2012.

First we shall present a new summary of the orginal article of 2006: A multi-component complex of Mesolithic settlements with Late Mesolithic grave pits at Mariënburg Overijssel. In this book we want to counter the criticism of Louwe Kooijmans in his 2012 article. We shall successivily discuss the differences of insight on the basis of old and new facts and findings, arguments andconsiderations.
The treatise closes with a series of concise conclusions, together with a series of colour illustrations taken from slides, most of wich were not previously published

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