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Medieval Material Culture - Studies in honour of Jan Thijssen


Clevis, H.

Paperback. 244 pp. Richly illustrated. SPA-uitgevers. Zwolle. 2009.

Olaf Goubitz
16th-century sheaths for kortjan sailor’s knives and snellebek marlinespikes

Arnold Carmiggelt
Notes from medieval Brielle. A 15th-century leather case with inscribed waxed tablets from a cesspit near the Maarland harbour

Peter Bitter
Toying with miniatures. Finds of ‘doll’s-house items’ from Alkmaar
Annemarieke Willemsen
Late medieval bling-bling. A collection of decorated leather and metalbase mounts in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden

Michiel Bartels
Early medieval glass linen smoothers from the emporium of Deventer (the Netherlands). A comparative study of the context and use of glass linen smoothers in Deventer, the Low Countries and northwestern Europe (AD 700-1200).

Michael Klomp
A peek into the kitchen cupboard. The grange of the Kranenberg in the 20th century

Nico Arts
Gothic book clasps and book furnishings from excavations in Eindhoven and their contexts

Hemmy Clevis
Potter or retailer? Sixteenth-century ceramic rejects from Zwolle, the Netherlands

Piet Kleij
Oosterhout pottery II: industrial waste from the Leijsenhoek

Michel Groothedde
Fields, farmsteads and sherds. The spatial phasing of the medieval cultivation of the Looërenk near Zutphen

Marie-Christine Laleman
Columns in houses. Domestic architecture and the stone trade in late-medieval Flanders

Adri van der Meulen en Paul Smeele
Frankforter Potten. De import, de namaak en de invloed op het Nederlandse assortiment 1760-1940


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