Scandinavian Flint. An Archaeological Perspective.

Högberg, A., D. Olausson.

Paperback. 158p, col pls and maps. Aarhus University Press 2007.

This study offers a classification system for flint found in Scandinavia for use by archaeologists, presenting seventeen types and suggesting a uniform terminology which might be used. Flint types are described and evaluated in terms of knappability, limitations posed bynodule size, and prehistoric availabety.The sample collection on which this is based was built with the help of participants to a seminar in 2001 who brought with them samples, knowledge and experience in the field. These, and other reference collections available, were used to build a picture of flint availability and usage in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and part of the Baltic Sea coast of northern Germany. Aside from the classification system, the authors discuss the availability of flint types, the sources and provenience studies, the choices of prehistoric peoples and their likely knowledge of the qualities and properties of different types of flint.
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