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Patterns of Fashion 1 
English women's dresses and their construction c. 1660-1860 

Arnold, J. 

Paperback. 76 pp. Very richly illustrated. Mc Millan /QSM 1972

Written and illustrated by Janet Arnold, PATTERNS OF FASHION 1 is dedicated to Englishwomen's dresses and their construction, c. 1660-1860. --This unique book contains drawings and patterns taken from (48) original specimens. Examples include a bodice in ivory silk with two details from 1660-1665, a riding habit from 1730-1750, and a wedding dress in ivory silk from 1827-1829. --Additionally, Ms. Arnold brings the following: · Pattern cutting and dressmaking, c 1660-1860. A selection of extracts from contemporary sources. · A pictorial outline of Englishwomen's costume, c.1660-1860. · Drawings and patterns of Englishwomen's dresses, c. 1660-1860 taken from original specimens with details showing their construction · Additional material on the cut of early eighteenth-century dresses · Metric conversions · Using the patterns for full-scale work · List of selected books
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