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The Medieval Park : New Perspectives.

Liddiard, R. (Editor).

Paperback. 224 pp. 69 illus, 35 in col. Windgather Press 2007.

The park - a feature of the landscape we always associate with the hunting of deer - played an important role in the psyche of Britain's medieval aristocracy. This well-illustrated book offers a reappraisal of the park by a new generation of landscape researchers, who use a diversity of approaches to assess its economy, ecology and social role. They show how parks actually had many functions other than deer management and hunting; they were integrated into the wider rural economy, and also provided a means by which seigneurial control of the landscape might be demonstrated. They varied considerably across Britain, and are of considerable conservation significance today.

Part One: Approaches to the Medieval Park.
Part Two: Parks in the Landscape
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