illustrated world encyclopedia of Knives,Swords, Spears and 

Withers, H.J.S., T. Capwell 

Hardcover with dustjacket. 512 pp. Very richly illustrated. Lorenz Books 2017. 

An authoritative guide to sharp-edged weapons, from their origins in the Stone Age through to the 21st century. Describes ancient and modern weapons, such as the first flint daggers, the spears of ancient Greece, Samurai swords, knightly swords, fencing blades, and the bayonets of World War II.

This encyclopedia traces the fascinating history of knives, daggers, bayonets, swords, sabres and lances, from their Palaeolithic origins through to the 21st century. Weapons from around the world are examined, such as the decorated daggers of Persia and the exquisite knives of Japan. A superb directory features 750 examples of sharp-edged weapons, describing the origins, capabilities and specifications of each one. With 1500 photographs and illustrations, and written by leading experts in the field, this beautiful guide is an indispensable resource for the serious collector and amateur enthusiast alike, and will fascinate anyone with an interest in historical weapons.
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