Flint and Stone in the Neolithic Period
Alan Saville

Omschrijving: Paperback, 315 pp., geïllustreerd, isbn. 9781842174203;  Oxbow Books, 2011
Onderwerp: Lithic artefacts were an intrinsic part of Neolithic life both in terms of everyday practical use and in ritual/symbolic mode. Archaeologists and prehistorians studying the Neolithic period recognise this, and accordingly, strive to maximise relevant data recovery and subsequently exploit the available data to the full. Fulfilling these ambitions requires specialist input, which not only comes from lithic analysts themselves, but also draws on a wide range of expertise from across archaeology and other disciplines and practices. The papers in this volume demonstrate some of the diverse approaches and applications, both direct and theoretical, which are contributing towards our ultimate goal of allowing increased understanding of stone tools to reveal more about Neolithic life.
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