Medieval Costume in England and France: 
The 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries. 

Mary G. Houston. 

Paperback. 240 pp. Very richly illustrated. Dover Publications 1996. 

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Carefully researched, meticulously detailed account of the style and construction of period costumes.
Includes descriptions and illustrations of royal apparel, elaborate ecclesiastical dress and vestments, academic and legal garments, and civilian dress of all classes.
Also discusses jewelry, armor, textiles, embroidery and hairdressing.

I.   The construction of 13th- Century costume.
      Early examples.
      Mid - Century types.
      Later 13th-Century types and hoods.
II.   Regal costume in the 13th-Century.
III.  An introduction to ecclesiastical costume and that of the Religious Orders.
      The Eucharistic vestments in detail.
      Costume of the Religious Orders.
IV.  Civilian dress of the 13th-Century.
V.   Armour in the 13th-Century and the details from metal ornaments.
      Thirteenth-Century armour.
VI.  13th-Century ornament as applied to textiles and embroideries.
       Patterned skills of the Thirteenth Century.
       Thirteenth-Century embroideries.
VII. The style and conbstruction of 14th-Century costume.
       The style.
       The construction of costume.
       Out-door garments.
       Headgear and hair-dressing.
VIII. Regal and ecclesiastical costume in the 14th-Century.
       Regal costume.
       Examples of Ecclesia.
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